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The Life Group ministry of New Life Providence Church!

Who needs a Life Group?

Are you looking for a place to connect?  Do you want somewhere to go where "everyone knows your name"?  Or maybe you feel like you are supporting everyone else, but you are not sure who is supporting you. Are you going through a difficult place in life and need prayer and encouragement? Or maybe you are wondering what to do with all you have learned about being a Christian and donít feel like you have a place where you can practice what has been preached to you.

Perhaps you have been reaching out to friends, family members, or neighbors, but donít really have a place where you can take them to meet other Christians, develop good relationships, or learn about what it means to follow Christ. If any of this describes you, then you need a Life Group! A Life Group gives you:

  • A community where you can live out real life with others who know you and are committed to your success!

  • A place to bring your friends and experience God together!

  • The opportunity to minister to others!

  • A safe place to use your gifts!

  • A place to belong!

  • The privilege to develop as a leader!

  • The opportunity to reach out to the hurting and lost around you!

A Life Group is a place where you can be encouraged, prayed for, challenged, lifted up, and loved.

Everyone needs a Life Group!!!


About Life Group Leader.com
This site is available to everyone interested in leading Life Groups! 

Life Group Leaders, please fill out your weekly life group report below:


Life Groups exist to provide an environment where God is free to move through real relationships and to create a safe place for you to exercise your giftings and grow in your walk.